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A sample petition

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A petition is a good tool for a straightforward issue that has widespread support. Dear Members of the Committee on Examinations and Standing: I request approval SAMPLE PETITION (WORD | PDF). Sample Alumni Letter to President/Board of Trustees/Regents (.docx). Subject matter: [Print a clear and concise statement identifying the subject matter.] e.g. Compensation for part-time employment should be the Jump to Sample C-subsequent pages of petition (Examples 1 and 2) - SAMPLE C-Subsequent pages of petition-Example 1 Sample Petition. (NAME OF PETITION SPONSOR). (NAME OF PERSON(S) WHO WILL RECEIVE PETITION). (TITLE OF PETITION). If your cause requires people to take action and not just agree to a position, consider collective action alternatives to petitions. These samples can be used as templates for your campaign. Petition to Central Coast Council. TO THE HONOURABLE THE SPEAKER AND MEMBERS OF. THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. This petition of draws to the attention of the House:. Sample Petition. Petition Example - Cover Page. Addressed to. For example, you could start a Sample Petition. TheWe the undersigned, support proportional compensation for part-time faculty. The sample petitions listed here are provided to generate ideas for a well structured petition. September 23, 20XX Mailing Address Houston, TX 77251. A petition of. There are fifteen minutes set aside daily in Sample Fossil Free petition to President/Board of Trustees/Regents (google doc).
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